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Kurzzeitmiete Linz AirBnB Ferienwohnung Crew99

How does the Crew99 concept work?

In just 5 steps to your problem-free short-term tenant and a monthly rent without any effort.

Don't be like Clara, more like Felix

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Clara who owned a small cabin in an enchanting forest. Although Clara loved her home, she worried that she wasn't making enough money to maintain the cabin. She worked hard every day and rented her cottage to some guests, but the income was not enough to ease her worries.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99
Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99
Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

Our company was founded to help property owners in Linz get the most out of their vacation rentals. We firmly believe that every property can develop its full potential if it is professionally brokered and optimally marketed. That's why we're passionate about helping you, the owner, achieve the highest possible returns for your vacation rentals.

Our big Know how

What sets us apart is our extensive expertise and many years of experience in the industry. Our dedicated team consists of experts who have a thorough understanding of short-term rentals since 2009 and the specific requirements of the Linz real estate market. We are always up to date with the latest developments and trends in order to offer you tailor-made solutions.

Our field of activity

Our services include professional marketing of your vacation rental, management of bookings, check-ins and check-outs, on-site guest support and much more. We attach great importance to first-class customer service, so that both you and your guests feel completely at ease.

TEV - Transparency, Honesty andTrust

At "Crew99" transparency and trust are the cornerstones of our business relationship. You can rely on us to play with open cards and always have your interests in mind. Our fair and transparent pricing allows you to take advantage of our services with no hidden fees.

The satisfaction of our customers

Our success stories speak for themselves. Numerous satisfied customers have already benefited from our expertise and achieved impressive returns for their holiday homes. We are proud that our company in Linz is known as a trustworthy and reliable partner for arranging and looking after holiday apartments.

Get in touch with us today and learn how Crew99 can help you realize the full potential of your Linz vacation rental. We look forward to supporting you with our expertise and our commitment and to increasing the success of your holiday property together!

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

Who or what is Crew99?


One day, as spring unfolded its delicate blossoms, Clara met a mysterious young man named Felix. He was charming, full of joie de vivre and had a mysterious aura about him. Felix noticed Clara's distress and asked about her problem. When she told him about her rental situation, he smiled and said, "I can help you Clara. There is a special magic called 'Crew99' that will turn your property into a jewel."

Fascinated and curious, Clara followed Felix to a small clearing where there was a sparkling lake. There stood a majestic castle that Clara had never heard of before. Felix ushered them in and revealed the wonders of Crew99. He explained to her how she could achieve much more income for her property through their expertise and extensive network. Clara was thrilled and knew that this was the solution to her worries.

Thanks to Felix and Crew99, Clara's rental business thrived. She attracted more guests who were amazed by the beauty of the place and the excellent service provided by Crew99. Clara's hut turned into a coveted retreat for travelers from near and far.

The bond between Clara and Felix grew stronger with every encounter. Not only did they share the joy of the property's success, but their hearts as well. The hours flew by as they talked, laughed and explored the beauty of the forest.

And so one day Clara wrote a love poem for Felix:

In a forest so wonderful I found you, my lucky star clear.

Your magic did it, our souls found each other.

you showed meCrew99's power that creates my life in splendor.

Not only my house, but also my world has been completely brightened up by you.

My heart, it beats in unison with yours, our bond, that doesn't let us rest.

Thanks to you, my love, I'm free now, with you by my side, I belong to two.

And so Clara and Felix lived happily ever after, always accompanied by Crew99's magic, which brought them not only income for the property but also love and happiness.

Step by step to the goal


Step 1

contact based on your interest

After contacting you via e-mail or telephone regarding your holiday home that has not been rented, Crew99 will make a personal appointment with you to view the apartment. We do this for the reason that we can look at your beautiful apartment and of course get to know you personally. 

Personal and human contact is very important to Crew99, because even after you have successfully rented an apartment, you will hear from us again and again about problems in the apartment, general feedback, internal conditions and of course we would like to get something from you again get hearing. 

step 2

The personal meeting

The time has come! We have made an appointment to visit your holiday apartment and are now standing in the apartment and maybe chatting. You show us the apartment, we look at your magnificent specimen and already analyze in our heads what utensils are missing in this apartment or not. 

In this personal conversation, we also address you and your needs. For us it is something like a little "getting to know each other". What were your obstacles in this apartment? What clientele do you want in this apartment? What would you like at least for this apartment? Questions over questions to find out if a cooperation between us would be possible.

We are looking for your short-term landlord!

step 3

No contract yet. No costs yet. Everything for free. Sounds great, doesn't it? After our personal meeting and your interest, we save your apartment in our "apartment file" and look for a short-term landlord. We do this to build trust and not to "steal money out of your pocket". 

After the successful search for the short-term landlord, we will call you and ask whether landlord XYZ is suitable for your apartment as a short-term tenant. If you answer "yes", we will only then send you the so-called fee agreement. The fee agreement includes a 13% net commission rate for each monthly gross rent from our tenant. Since we take care of any problems of the apartment and his person and also accompany him at check-in and check-out, we charge a net commission rate for each monthly gross rent. If we cannot find a tenant for you, or if you have found a tenant yourself and you have signed the fee agreement with us, you paynoneCent.

Agreement signing 

step 4

step 5

No effort and always a rental entrance

You will receive your monthly rent without having to do anything else in your apartment. Crew99 manages your holiday property and you can sit back and relax with a full bank account. If there are any problems, we will contact you immediately and discuss the procedure with you. However, we do the exercise of the problem. We also do moving in, cleaning and moving out. We also issue invoices from your name to the short-term tenant (if they need an invoice) using an invoice form that you have created yourself. 

You can imagine it like this: You work 0 hours a month on your property and still receive almost all of the rent.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99
Kurzzeitmiete Linz AirBnB Ferienwohnung Crew99

We mediate your


In less than a week, we will broker your holiday apartment in Linz to a profitable corporate customer who will pay your minimum rent. After consultation with you, you alone decide whether you really want the potential tenant.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

We are responsible

for processing

Everything is set up and prepared within less than an hour so that the corporate customer can book the holiday apartment. We create a short-term agreement on your behalf and handle the check-ins and check-outs. We take care of everything.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

We write monthly

your rental bills

Every month we issue an invoice to the company that booked your apartment in the name and with your IBAN. You no longer have to lift a finger and receive the entire rent straight to your bank account.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

We look after the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We take care of the tenant's affairs inside the apartment and help him with any problems to ensure a pleasant stay in your apartment. Our goal is to relieve you and protect you from many calls.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

What are we doing for you?


We get the maximum

out of the apartment

Through Tips & Tricks and many years of experience, we ensure that you achieve the desired yield for your apartment, also thanks to our good network. We support you with the furnishing and equipment to get the best out of your apartment.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

Crew99 takes care of..


99% utilization*


99% more yield


99% less effort


99% more peace


*Crew99 strives for a very high occupancy rate, but cannot guarantee this, as short-term rentals depend on demand. However, Crew99 always strives to rent out your property quickly and at a very good yield. However, we ask the owner to come up with a plan B and not consider Crew99 as an exclusive source of income.


Are you an owner and have a few questions?

Then shoot!

Thanks very much! We will contact you within 10 minutes.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

Are you a company and want to book an apartment?

Minimum duration: one month

Thanks very much! We will contact you within 10 minutes.

Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99
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