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We will find a tenant for you and take care of everything, otherwise you won't pay a cent.

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Short-term rental Linz AirBnB holiday apartment Crew99

Crew99 asEmployer?



We are modern and on the home stretch. No trend is neglected.

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innovative strength

Innovation in the real estate market: We start a revolution.

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goal oriented

With us there is only one thing: win! We want to achieve every goal.

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Even before AirBnB: With more than 20 years of experience, we know the business by heart.

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What does Crew99?

Crew99 is an extraordinary team of talented individuals who have come together to achieve great things together. With a combination of diversity, expertise and determination, they work as one to tackle a wide variety of challenges.

Crew99 is a team that, thanks to its uniqueness and team spirit, consistently delivers exceptional performance. They are an inspiring group that shows that with teamwork and passion, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

  1. team spirit: The team spirit of Crew99 is their greatest asset. Each member is committed to supporting each other and pulling together. They firmly believe that through cooperation and togetherness they can achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

  2. diversity: Crew99 consists of people with different backgrounds, skills and perspectives. This diversity is their strength because it enables them to find innovative solutions and pursue unconventional approaches.

  3. expertise: Each member of Crew99 is an expert in their field. Whether it's technology, science, creativity or leadership, they have a wide range of skills and knowledge that allow them to approach challenges from different angles.

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