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┼ápecializujeme sa na firemn├ę pren├íjmy

Na┼íe ubytovanie v Linzi prenaj├şmame iba firm├ím a va┼íim zamestnancom sme k dispoz├şcii 24 hod├şn denne, 7 dn├ş v t├Ż┼żdni.

Crew99 ÔÇô Prv├í vo─żba pre firemn├ę ubytovanie

Ubytovanie Linz pracovn├í izba AirBnB pr├ízdninov├Ż byt Crew99
Ubytovanie Linz pracovn├í izba AirBnB pr├ízdninov├Ż byt Crew99

Crew99 sa špecializuje na prenájom ubytovania na mieru pre firmy.


Mimo hotelov a penzi├│nov: S Crew99 Apartments nielen v├Żrazne u┼íetr├şte na svojom rozpo─Źte, ale vytvor├şte pre svojich zamestnancov o├ízu pohody, ktor├í automaticky vedie k zv├Ż┼íeniu v├Żkonu.

Kr├ítkodob├Ż pren├íjom Linz AirBnB pr├ízdninov├Ż byt Crew99 pracovn├í izba



┼Żiadne nadmern├ę ceny za noc alebo nie─Źo podobn├ę. V Crew99 dostanete za svoje peniaze ove─ża viac. Pomer ceny a v├Żkonu Crew99 je jednoducho ide├ílny pre firmy.



Spracovanie s Crew99 je bleskov├ę. V priebehu nieko─żk├Żch min├║t objasn├şme v┼íetky podrobnosti zmluvy a po┼íleme v├ím v┼íetky potrebn├ę inform├ície. Byt je rezervovan├Ż za menej ako 10 min├║t a v├í┼í zamestnanec sa m├┤┼że nas┼ąahova┼ą v po┼żadovan├Ż de┼ł.



V na┼íom plne vybavenom a zariadenom ubytovan├ş ne─Ćaleko Linzu sa budete c├şti┼ą ako doma. U n├ís nie je ÔÇ×hotelov├Ż pocitÔÇť. Od uter├íkov po riad, dokonca aj internet je u n├ís zahrnut├Ż. Garantujeme v├í┼ímu zamestnancovi druh├Ż domov.


Viac efekt├şvny

Crew99 pon├║ka 24/7 v┼íestrann├Ż servis. Ch├Żba nie─Źo vo va┼íom byte? Je tam probl├ęm? Potrebujete pom├┤c┼ą s technick├Żm zariaden├şm? ┼Żiaden probl├ęm! Sme v├ím v┼żdy k dispoz├şcii a pom├┤┼żeme v├ím ─Źo najr├Żchlej┼íie. Na┼í├şm cie─żom je, aby sa va┼íi zamestnanci u n├ís c├ştili pr├şjemne.

Kr├ítkodob├Ż pren├íjom Linz AirBnB pr├ízdninov├Ż byt Crew99 pracovn├í izba
  • What is Crew99 exactly?
    Crew99 is a vacation rental and support agency. This sounds pretty huge and complicated, but it's really quite simple: We mediate, look after and rent holiday apartments for you. Crew99 takes over holiday homes from owners, places them with potential tenants and takes care of the tenants around the clock with all-inclusive support. And you? You sit back and receive the monthly rent without making a move! We take care of any problems of the tenant, take care of check-ins or check-outs, write the invoice to the customer in your name so that you can enjoy your everyday life carefree and escape the stress of your apartment. This video gives you an even better insight into what Crew99 is.
  • How does the process work?
    The process for letting your apartment is quick and easy. After a short telephone or even personal conversation, we will inspect your apartment and see whether it is suitable for short-term rent. If your apartment is already furnished, we are only a few steps away from you having the perfect short-term tenant in your apartment and we can take care of everything else. The steps would be as follows: First conversation Visit the apartment Furnishing (this step is omitted if the apartment is already furnished) We all sleep on it one night Agreement signing We are looking for the perfect short-term tenant with maximum income I'm calling you because we've found a short-term tenant and we'll let you know You decide whether you want this short-term renter for this amount You've agreed and we'll take care of the rest You will receive your receipt every month without having to do anything. Isn't that cool? ­čśÄ
  • What are the costs?
    Unlike other vacation rental companies, we have a transparent pricing policy. With us it means: Monthly 13% net for each gross rent, but only until our tenant stays in your apartment. If, for example, we don't find a tenant for you for two months and the apartment remains empty (a real rarity), then you don't have to pay us another cent.
  • Am I contractually bound?
    Quite clear answer: No! At Crew99, transparency and honesty count. Of course you have to sign a so-called "fee agreement" before Crew99 takes over the apartment. However, you can cancel at any time up to the end of the month if you do not like our services. However, if one of our tenants stays in your apartment for a longer period of time, you must wait until they move out before you can terminate the contract. So in short: No annual contracts. Do you like our services? Then stay! Are you unsatisfied? Then leave at the end of the month! In addition, there is no exclusive contract in the Crew99 remuneration agreement. If you want to try the AirBnB platform or when Crew99 changes tenants, then of course you can. The same applies, of course, to private individuals such as family, friends or relatives moving in. We don't put any obstacles in your way. However, all you have to do is let us know so that we can mark you as "paused" on our vacation rental database and not be able to find a short-term renter for you at the moment.
  • What will be the clientele in my apartments?
    Crew99 mainly works with companies that find quality vacation rentals for their employees. The word employee should not ring alarm bells. These are not so-called "dirty fitters" (as many people put it), but qualified employees who have projects in large companies. These can of course be from different countries, be it Germany, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and co. Our clientele is extremely satisfied and very clean. They treat the apartment very delicately. We've been running the Crew99 business (under a different name back then) for 13 years and we've never had a problem with any company. Based on the accounting that Crew99 does for you, you always have an insight into which company is in your apartment and can see what kind of clientele is staying in your apartment.
  • Why are there mainly companies in my apartment?
    We very rarely work with private individuals, families or the like, as we cannot always promise receipt of payment. Behind a company is a huge organization made up of many departments, which bear immense responsibility for solvency. Since we want to generate maximum earnings for you, companies are the perfect contact persons. Through the employees of this company, we minimize the risk of non-payment, damage to your apartment and any unnecessary problems such as parties, police operations, non-compliance with the house rules and much more.
  • What is the utilization rate? Will my apartment ever be empty?
    In our 13 years as a holiday rental company, we have never had a month that was completely unrented. There may be a few days or even a week or two when your apartment is at a standstill, but it is mostly related to moving out, final cleaning and preparing for the next customer. Crew99's utilization rate is 99%.
  • Why you and not other providers?
  • Do I have to furnish my apartment?
    Yes. The basic requirement for short-term rental is that your own condominium is fully equipped. With the equipment you can achieve up to 75% more income than in long-term rental. Crew99 will take care of this for you or will advise you on how to set up your apartment for short-term rentals using a free equipment list.
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1. Kontakt

Ihne─Ć n├ís kontaktujte a op├Żtajte sa n├ís na ubytovanie pre v├í┼ího zamestnanca. Sme V├ím k dispoz├şcii!

2. Spracovanie

Po ├║spe┼ínej rezerv├ícii a stanoven├ş vhodn├Żch podmienok vybav├ş Crew99 v┼íetky zmluvn├ę z├íle┼żitosti v priebehu nieko─żk├Żch min├║t. Va┼íe rezervovan├ę ubytovanie sa r├Żchlo stane realitou.

3. Odovzdanie k─ż├║─Źov

Po zaplaten├ş z├ílohy v├ím bude k─ż├║─Ź od ubytovania odovzdan├Ż bu─Ć osobne, alebo prostredn├şctvom schr├ínky na k─ż├║─Źe

4. Slu┼żba 24/7

V pr├şpade ak├Żchko─żvek probl├ęmov sme va┼íim zamestnancom kedyko─żvek k dispoz├şcii a probl├ęmy v ubytovan├ş vyrie┼íime za menej ako hodinu.

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